Effective Pool Products

Take care of any sudden pool issues with Channel Islands Pool Supply of Ventura, California. We carry a variety of pool products, including full-strength liquid chlorine and acid in convenient four-gallon containers.

A Full Line of Products

Find everything you need for your pool right here. We offer a wide range of maintenance products and
do-it-yourself tools to help you maintain your pool and spa. We also carry pool equipment, such as heaters, pumps, filters, and automated equipment controls. All products come with manufacturers’ warranties.

Swimming Pool - Pool ProductsAlternative Sanitizers

If you’re not a fan of chemicals, we have a large selection of alternative sanitizers. This includes ozone systems, copper ionization, and salt systems.

Stay Safe

Many of the products used in maintaining pools is dangerous to your health. Please read the information provided by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission to learn how to properly use pool chemicals.

Contact us or come see us in Ventura, California, to request our friendly services in picking the best pool products.